Mahfooz Shaheed Garrison Underpass, Lahore

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Mahfooz Shaheed Garrison Underpass, Lahore

The Pakistan Army has provided us with various services throughout our lives for our protection and security and for us to live in peace. Artistan, as citizens of Pakistan, wanted to give a tribute to Pakistan Army for their tireless efforts, hard works and sacrifices for Pakistan.

Artistan, in collaboration with Master Paints, painted the walls of Mehfooz Shaheed Garrison underpass as a tribute to Pak Army. The theme of the painting depicts a Timeline of Pakistan Army, covering a 100 years of 10th Division from 1914 – 2014. The painting comprises of scenes starting from World War 1, moving on to migration to Pakistan, the wars of ’65 and ’71 and com to an end on Operation Zarb-e-Azb. The murals are painted beautifully by our team and awaken a sense of patriotism to the on-lookers.

It took almost 45 days to complete this task and is the Largest Mural Painting in the World on a single theme.

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